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Sunday, January 23, 2011

My match and the beginning of the process

I was matched in September 2010 with a gay couple who live in New York City. The agency matched us and then we spoke on the phone to make sure we were felt like it was a good match. We had a nice conversation. I told them about my family and thoughts about what was going to happen. I could tell they were so excited.

We check in once a week and they came to visit in October. I was so nervous. Even though we've been matched, I was nervous that that there would be something that would make them not want me to be their carrier. This is not justified but I'm always a worrier.

Next came the contract, a 30 page document that spelled out what would happen to cover any scenario. It was somewhat of an unsettling process only because I didn't like talking about the money and I would get this amount for this and that amount if this happens. It wasn't something that I felt comfortable talking about. These guys want a family, not a second mortgage. I couldn't imagine trying to gouge them for more money than they are already paying.

So once all the papers were signed, Mike and I crossed our t's and dotted our i's. We had to sign a celibacy contract to last the month before the transfer and the month after.

I went for my medical screening right before Thanksgiving and the doctor said that everything looks good and I shouldn't have a problem getting pregnant. It made everything more real. Connecticut Fertility Associates is a wonderful place and the people there are awesome. I look forward to going back for the transfer.

At this point I'm in the middle of taking my medicines. I received a huge box of them on January 7. I started with Lupron. An injection in my stomach once a day. I remember my first time. I read and reread the instructions on how to do the injection. I was practically sweating before I had to stick the needle in. I knew once I did it that I would there was no turning back. This medicine would be changing my body in ways I hadn't experienced before. I took that for two weeks and had an ultrasound and bloodwork to confirm that my ovaries were being suppressed. Hooray! I found out Friday January 21 that everything looked great and I could start Estrace and aspirin. So it continues. I look forward to the end of February when I really begin my journey...

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